///   Keeping Fit While Traveling The World as a Lifestyle

Selfie at Kuta Beach on Lombok Island - VINJABONDAs vagabonding is a lifestyle of world travel, it’s just as important to stay physically fit as it is in any other way of living.

In a “regular” life where the term “9 to 5” means something, the stationary positioning and predictable routine makes it easy to find a time and place to exercise. The active nature of vagabonding actually makes it potentially as easy, albeit erratic.

The operative word in “world travel” in this case is travel – to move from one place to another. Not necessarily by powered vehicles but by walking, swimming, running and jumping as a necessity of such frequent travel.

For the more adventurous and physical traveler, the mere act of being is enough to stay at a level physique.

I myself am a very active traveler but still like to maintain peak physical condition while not letting it take over or hinder my vagabonding lifestyle.


100 – 200 pushups every other day and 300 – 500 crunches between days.

-morning or night


Run at least a mile in a single set or the equivalent in biking or other sports.

-whenever possible


Hiking, climbing, diving, kayaking – anything available within my current location.

-location dependent

My exercise routine is basic but effective. It gives me time to enjoy the world as I travel it and the freedom of a flexible schedule to do what I want, when I want.

When you’re traveling the world and want to keep fit, you don’t need to have a specific exercise program.

Just do what vagabonding is suppose to be about; explore and be adventurous, get dirty and sweat, say “yes” more often and try new new things.

Just. Be. Active.

[The featured photo was taken on Kuta Lombok Beach, Indonesia.]

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Nice abs John! 🙂 If I like the food in a country I’m traveling, I gain noticeable weight but otherwise its pretty easy to maintain my figure.


Hah, exactly… If it has good and cheap food, travel can make you fat – yet still in shape somehow.