How to Be a Digital Nomad

How to Be a Digital Nomad : Office on Gili Meno Island, Indonesia /// Vinjatek

This is a constantly updated guide on becoming and how to be a digital nomad in the modern world.

A professional life of location independence is by one definition, the freest way to live. Boundless, borderless but far from penniless.

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What is a digital nomad? The short answer is: a working tech professional who is location independent from both work and life with frequent or foreign travel as a major element to their lifestyle.

A person who has a job in the technology field that can be worked from anywhere with an internet connection and uses that freedom to live and work anywhere they please and at any time. Usually but not exclusively self-employed in a web or otherwise digital business.

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How to Be a Digital Nomad at Gili Meno Island

Being a digital nomad should not be confused with backpackers or long term travelers. Although not mutually exclusive, they are not the same. It’s a way of living a normal life, just in a unique way. A life of work and sleep and play – repeat. AKA “vagabonding”.

How do you become a digital nomad?

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