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The spoon and fork are such elegantly simple tools that the only major change in a millennia is the fusion of them, the spork – AKA foon.

Humangear GoBites Uno Spork



Sporks, the only true innovation since the two utensils were first invented have finally been upgraded by Humangear. Following the basic forms of a fork and spoon, the Uno and Duo results in the benefits of both but without the handicap of most spork designs.

GoBites are available as single or double piece utensils, serving the same purpose in clever minimalist form.

    – 1 and 2 Piece Models

    – High-Strength Nylon

    – Food-Safe + BPA-Free

    – Gray, Red and Blue Colors

    – 15g/0.5oz, 22g/0.8oz

    – 165×40, 148.5x40mm

Humangear GoBites Uno and Duo Spork

– Humangear GoBites Uno and Duo Sporks –

The Uno, as the name suggests is a one piece utensil with full fork and spoon capabilities due to the use of both ends as functions. The slight edging on the fork side is ideal for cutting / dividing soft foods with no danger to the mouth. Although it may look awkward to hold while eating, the curved ends make for great ergonomics – better than any regular handle.

The Duo is technically a spork but is also not a spork. When not in use, the two pieces attaches to each other by a slide and lock. Once separated, each piece is a dedicated spoon and fork. This locking mechanism is seamless and a joy to use. By locking the Duo from end-to-end, it increases the handle length making it great for cooking and hard to reach places.

- Humangear GoBites Duo, Separated -

– Humangear GoBites Duo, Separated –

With all the travel + camping specific utensils available, the GoBites offer the best in spoons and forks.

– Buy The GoBites Sporks for $7+ USD

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Katea Pop

These are so cute, amazing how your photos make them look like tough man gear lol. May get these for the apartment though for regular use.


Tactical spork?


Dude, I don’t need this but I want it now. Damn you John, stop reviewing shit, I’m running out of money!