Explore The 3 Parts of World Travel

Exploring the world with our eyes for sightseeing is not enough. You must use all 5 senses to get the most out of the 3 experiences.

ATTRACTIONS //Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt ///

The most obvious and frequent purpose of travel. To see all the beautiful and great destinations of the world. As grand and well known as the Great Pyramid in Giza or a small tucked away indoor shrimp fishing spot in Taipei.

If it’s a place, its an attraction. Monuments, ruins, entire cities, streets, buildings, beaches. It may not be special to everyone, but any place is in its own way.

FOOD //Bangkok Street Food ///

The local food is often neglected, especially in countries where English is scarce, but at the same time, these places still have no shortage of Western restaurants such as McDonald’s. This makes it convenient for foreigners to just go where its familiar.

But food is like an attraction and also part of culture, so by not indulging the local cuisine is like missing out on 1/3 of the experience.

CULTURE //Speaking to locals /// Travel Tips

Just by being in a country or city, you’ll automatically experience a bit of culture. But that’s not enough. You need to immerse yourself in it.

Meet and befriend the locals, go where there are no other foreigners, take public transportation, shop at the street markets, attend festivals and events, watch the local TV channels, listen to the countries music and whatever else the residents do.

There is also the non-country specific parts of travel; finding oneself, getting away and alleviating boredom. Regardless of which one of these you travel for, make sure to experience the culture, the food and the attractions to the fullest.

[The photo was taken at Angkor Wat at sunset in Siem Reap, Cambodia. | Originally published on Vinjatek.]