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DAY 2 // New York / Errands

This is a series of posts about my actual days as a vagabond. Today is August 2nd of 2012 and it’s my second day of vagabonding.

Manhattan is my home. The place I always come back to after living in a seemingly random city every other year or so. Las Vegas. Miami. Atlanta… Never left New York City because I had to but to see what else was out there. Location insatiability, perhaps.

Although I was away on business for the last few months, the top floor of the Herald Towers (pictured) has been my second home for the past few years. Located in one of the busiest street corners in the world with the original Macy’s across the street, Korea Town behind my building and the Empire State Building a few meters away. So many tourists with wonder in their eyes.

I wanted to be that tourist, now I am.

[Originally published on Vinjatek.]

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