Instant Field Disguise Tactics

The Disguise-Shift Methodology With Goruck TAC Hat /// Vinjatek

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“Shifts” are both visual bodily theatrics and physical garment adjustments that can be executed on the fly, without special equipment and with no prep.

Standard Shifts:

    – Walking pattern modification

    – Putting on, taking off or changing a hat

    – Mannerism transforming

    – Changing an outer layer; shirt, jacket, pants etc.

    – Altering perceived body height

    – Self inflicted facial bruising

    – Posture adjusting

    – Changing interaction status

    – Wearing or removing eyeglasses

    – Rolling up / down shirt sleeves and pant legs

    – Putting on or off a hoodie

    – Hair restyling or deconstructing

    – Wearing pants inversely low / high

It’s the adding, removing or changing of clothing, accessories or equipment, as well as altering behavior.

Shifts can be utilized individually or as comprehensive actions suited for each specific situation.

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