///   The Danger of Humans While Traveling Abroad

Dangerous Humans in Taipei, Taiwan /// VinjatekThe world is a beautiful and dangerous place. Of the infinite hazards that can strike at any moment, the danger from each other is often the worst of it.

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Mother nature may be the greatest killer of all but she means us no harm as its not out of pleasure or personal gain, unlike us humans. Natural disasters, animals and disease are always potential threats but so are our fellow human beings.

We are what we need to worry about…

…especially as a foreigner traveling abroad.

Most people may seem good natured but the fact of the matter is, more humans have tendencies to cause harm to others than it seems on the surface. Same goes with seemingly “nice” or affluent neighborhoods as the potential of crime exists everywhere, just on different levels. When in a familiar environment like your own country with your own people, your more aware of the signs of danger and imminent threat. In a foreign country, reading these “signs” is often more difficult, regardless of how street smart you are.

Traveling abroad is not dangerous, however.

The average traveler is more likely to be in physical danger from another person while close to their home than while abroad where its obvious they are a foreigner. The aftermath of dealing with an incident (police, hospital, public) abroad tends to be quite difficult due to cultural clashing, varying laws and language barriers.

Neutralize or avoid danger by being tactical.

Despite the unpredictable dangers of human nature, its meeting and being with new people while traveling the world that I appreciate more than any other element of the travel lifestyle.

The danger of humans while traveling abroad.

[The featured photo was taken in Taipei, Taiwan.]

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It is an interesting concept that its potentially more dangerous being in your own town / country that it is while your traveling abroad.


Read about that somewhere to, obviously it depends on where you are and where your coming from but travel is general is not dangerous.

Jane Amisan

It looks like your the dangerous one! haha I kid. But I can’t imagine anyone messing with you on your travels.

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