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The Danger of Humans While Traveling Abroad

Dangerous Humans in Taipei, Taiwan /// VinjatekThe world is a beautiful and dangerous place. Of the infinite hazards that can strike at any moment, the danger from each other is often the worst of it.


Bong Hits With The Train Conductor en Route to Bangkok

Bong Hits and The Train Conductor to Bangkok, Thailand /// VInjatekNot even in Amsterdam or Colorado could you take bong hits with the train conductor while they’re on the job conducting in transit.

[ February 03 2014 ]         DATA, DESTINATIONS, TRAVEL, TRAVELOGUE

TIHK : The Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key

TIHK : Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff KeyThe TIHK is a nonmetallic covert handcuff keys. Designed to be an invisible tool to escape illegal detainment- kidnappings and unlawful arrests.


[R]   Misdirective Reverse Off-Grid Living

Off-Grid Living in a Bungalow In Vietnam /// VinjatekThis is a method of living with some of the benefits of an off-grid lifestyle; privacy, anonymity and security – by overtly using “on-grid” resources.

[ January 15 2014 ]         DATA, RESTRICTED, SURVIVAL, TRADECRAFT

Tactical Travel: Introduction

FAST Pack Scout at a Fishing Village in Battambang, Cambodia /// VinjatekThis isn’t specific to combat or military situations but it does mean utilizing some of the inherent ideology, gear and characteristics.

[ December 09 2013 ]         DATA, TACTICAL, TRAVEL

Photo: New York City’s Cityscape From The Sky

Central Park Viewed From The Top of The Rock, New York City // VinjatekThe view of Central Park and Uptown Manhattan viewed from the Top of The Rock Observation Deck of the Rockefeller Center skyscraper.

[ September 03 2013 ]         DATA, PHOTOGRAPHY

I am John Cain

John V Cain at Kuta Beach, Lombok, Indonesia /// Vinjatek + VinjabondI am John Cain, a vagabond. Founder of VINJABOND, former covert operative but forever an American patriot. This is my introduction…

[ August 19 2013 ]         DATA, RESTRICTED

Nomad Lifestyle: Day 1

John V Cain Vinjatek's HomeThis is a journal series of posts on specific days of my life as a nomad. Written in or near real time as the day occurred in Miami, United States.

[ August 01 2012 ]         DATA, LIFESTYLE