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SPNB /// LALO Tactical
SPNB /// Goruck
SPNB /// Optics Planet Tactical and Survival Gear
Yomp Notes /// SPN

[R]   Misdirective Reverse Off-Grid Living

Off-Grid Living in a Bungalow In Vietnam /// VinjatekThis is a method of living with some of the benefits of an off-grid lifestyle; privacy, anonymity and security – by overtly using “on-grid” resources.

[ January 15 2014 ]         DATA, RESTRICTED, SURVIVAL, TRADECRAFT

Tactical Travel: Introduction

FAST Pack Scout at a Fishing Village in Battambang, Cambodia /// VinjatekThis isn’t specific to combat or military situations but it does mean utilizing some of the inherent ideology, gear and characteristics.

[ December 09 2013 ]         DATA, TACTICAL, TRAVEL

I am John Cain

John V Cain at Kuta Beach, Lombok, Indonesia /// Vinjatek + VinjabondI am John Cain, a vagabond. Founder of VINJABOND, former covert operative but forever an American patriot. This is my introduction…

[ August 19 2013 ]         DATA, RESTRICTED

Nomad Lifestyle: Day 1

John V Cain Vinjatek's HomeThis is a journal series of posts on specific days of my life as a nomad. Written in or near real time as the day occurred in Miami, United States.

[ August 01 2012 ]         DATA, LIFESTYLE

The Covert Operative Vagabonding Method Site

Gili Air Island Bungalow, Indonesia /// VinjatekVinjabond is a focus on a more decisive and deliberate way of life through tacticalism, nomadism, minimalism and survivalism.


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