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The 3 Methods of Accessing Any Secure Building or Perimeter

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey /// VinjatekThese are the methods of obtaining entry to any enclosed or guarded place, no matter how secure or seemingly impregnable.

[ October 28 2017 ]         HACKS, INTEL, URBEX

Before I Die… explore the forbidden Catacombs of Paris

- Catacombs of Paris Bones Circle -Before I Die…‘ is a series of posts about all the things I personally want to experience and the places I want to see… before I die. – view the list

[ June 14 2015 ]         BEFORE I DIE, DATA, URBEX

Off The Beaten Path Travel

Getting off the beaten path is a vital element of adventure travel and exploration, it takes us beyond the facades of the world to within it.

[ September 25 2014 ]         ADVENTURE, DATA, URBEX

URBEX = Urban Exploration

URBEX in Korea at Hwaseong Fortress // VinjatekURBEX = Urban Exploration is exploring man-made structures and locations that are abandoned or inaccessible to the general public.

[ August 29 2014 ]         ADVENTURE, DATA, URBEX

A Day in The Life of a Vagabond: Bangkok

A Day in The Life of a Vagabond: Bangkok /// VinjatekThis is a continuous series of posts about random, nonspecific but typical days in the life of my vagabonding lifestyle. –view all days

[ August 14 2014 ]         A DAY, DATA, DESTINATIONS, URBEX

6 Types of Adventure + Travel Experiences

River Rafting in Ubud of Bali, Indonesia // VinjatekArriving is just the foundation of adventure and travel with many different types of experiences to make it a fulfilling journey, these are the actives:

[ June 27 2014 ]         ADVENTURE, DATA, LIST, URBEX

In Search For The Middle of Nowhere

World travel isn’t just about specific destinations or the journey there, but the search then wander in the middle of nowhere.

[ April 22 2014 ]         ADVENTURE, DATA, PHILOSOPHY, URBEX