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Travel in Search of Something Beautiful

Motorbiking Vang Vieng in Laos - VinjabondVagabonding may seem like a way to run away from something but its not, its a way to run towards something, like beauty.

[ October 30 2013 ]         DATA, PHILOSOPHY, TRAVEL

6 Ways to Kill Time at Airports

Lounging at The Airport Terminal - VINJABONDAirports are second homes to vagabonds and world travelers but just like home, there can be downtime with too much time to deal with…

[ October 23 2013 ]         DATA, HACKS, LIST, TRAVEL

Experience + Embrace Culture Shock

Culture shock is a feared and negatively thought upon experience for both professional and novice travelers but I say embrace it.

[ September 09 2013 ]         DATA, LIFESTYLE, PHILOSOPHY, TRAVEL

Year One of Vagabonding World Travel

Exactly 1 year to this day, I started my journey of vagabonding around the world across 4 continents, 18 countries and over 100 cities.

[ August 01 2013 ]         DATA, DESTINATIONS, LIFESTYLE, TRAVEL

Chill. Relax… And Travel Slow

When it comes to vagabonding the best way to travel is to chill, relax and take it slow.

[ July 28 2013 ]         DATA, PHILOSOPHY, TRAVEL

Explore The 3 Parts of World Travel

Angkor Wat Temple in SIem Reap, Cambodia - VINJABONDExploring the world with our eyes for sightseeing is not enough. You must use all 5 senses to get the most out of the 3 experiences.

[ July 02 2013 ]         ADVENTURE, DATA, GUIDES, TRAVEL

Getting Lost to Find Your Way Vagabonding

If life is a journey… then its not a straight line. There are turns, detours and bumps. Just like travel and getting lost is part of it.

[ July 01 2013 ]         DATA, GUIDES, TIPS, TRAVEL