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Foreign Currency as Monetizable Souvenirs

Foreign Currency as Souvenirs and Backup Cash /// VinjatekThe most advantageous travel souvenir is not what you can buy with money, but the money itself, more importantly serving as emergency funds.

[ August 07 2018 ]         DATA, MONEY, TIPS

How to Haggle Like a Nomad

Buying and Eating Cobra Snake in Siem Reap, Cambodia /// VinjatekAs a constantly revolving foreigner, the art of haggling is a most useful skill to master for necessity and practicality. A skill also valuable back at home.

[ December 21 2017 ]         DATA, GUIDES, HACKS, LIFESTYLE, MONEY, TIPS

Life Tactics: Immediately Write Down Your Ideas

Taipei 101 Tower, Taiwan /// VinjatekLife Tactics is a series of compact posts about my methods, tricks and hacks for everyday life, professional trades and mentality.


1,000 Travel Tips

Bulguksa Temple in South Korea /// VinjatekOne thousand travel tips that will be updated with the times for vagabonds, nomads, backpackers, vacationers and adventurers.

[ September 21 2015 ]         DATA, LIST, TIPS

Ask: Any Tips on Eating Alone in a Restaurant While Traveling?

Ask John V Cain /// VinjatekASK is a series of posts answering questions asked by readers about the vagabonding operative lifestyle. Contact me to ask your own.

[ June 10 2015 ]         ACCOMMODATIONS, ASK, DATA, TIPS

6 Travel Tips I Approve of But Rarely Use Myself

New Years at The Light Infinity Pool, Malaysia ///This is a list of highly recommended travel tips that I approve of and advise to others but I rarely utilize them myself… I’ll tell you why.

[ June 01 2015 ]         DATA, LIST, TIPS, TRAVEL

My Trick to Getting Out of Bed Swiftly

Waking up in The Amazon Jungle /// VinjatekWaking up is nothing as it’s effortless, but actually getting out of bed and starting the day can be a long, wasteful and difficult process… never again.

[ April 18 2015 ]         DATA, HACKS, TIPS

How to Take Good Selfies [+]

Bukhansan Mountain, Korea /// Vinjatek The most underrated and criticized form of photography gets its bad rep because most people don’t know how to take good selfies.

[ March 08 2015 ]         DATA, GUIDES, PHOTOGRAPHY, TIPS

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