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How to Hide From Drones: Part 1

How to Hide From UAV Drones in Taipei, Taiwan /// VinjatekThis is an introduction on how to hide from drones (UAV) operated by non-military government agencies and private civilians.

[ December 02 2014 ]         DATA, GUIDES, SURVIVAL, TIPS

When The Shit Hits The Fan (SHTF) While Traveling

Changing of the Guard at National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine in Taipei, Taiwan /// VinjatekSurvivalist, prepper, trained specialist or not, experiencing a catastrophic, doomsday or SHTF event while traveling abroad changes things.

[ November 10 2014 ]         DATA, GUIDES, SURVIVAL

Microtech Troodon Knife : Review

Microtech Troodon Knife /// VinjatekThe Microtech Troodon knife is named after the most intelligent dinosaur to ever roam the earth, the Troodon, also known as “wounding tooth”.

[ November 07 2014 ]         DATA, EDC, GEAR, SURVIVAL

A Day in The Life of a Vagabond: Amazon Jungle

Amazon Jungle /// VinjatekThis is a continuous series of posts about random, nonspecific but typical days in the life of my vagabonding lifestyle. –view all days

[ October 28 2014 ]         A DAY, ADVENTURE, DATA, SURVIVAL

Escape and Evasion Kit

Escape and Evasion Kit /// VinjatekSurvival kits are meant to stabilize certain unavoidable situations but escape and evasion kits are meant to negate the need to survive.

[ October 18 2014 ]         DATA, EDC, SURVIVAL

How to be Street Smart as a Foreigner

6 Types of Criminals You’ll Encounter as a Traveler /// VinjatekIt’s arguable that being street smart is better than book smart on a general level, but as a foreigner traveling abroad, the former is.

[ October 08 2014 ]         DATA, GUIDES, SURVIVAL, TIPS

S&S Precision LockOut : Review

SS Precision LockOut Canister /// VinjatekA palm-sized polymer canister built for battle, adventure or everyday carry of small items. A tactical-practical personal storage device.

[ September 30 2014 ]         DATA, EDC, GEAR, SURVIVAL

Urban Camouflage as a Traveler

Gangnam (Style) District Street in Korea // VinjatekUrban camouflage isn’t about blending into the physical city around you but to appear as if you’re from and belong there like a local.

[ August 20 2014 ]         CLOTHING, DATA, SURVIVAL

The Decoy Wallet Concept

Decoy Wallet / Mugger's Wallet /// VinjatekEvasion is always better than defense in a mugging scenario but a peaceful escape in an engagement with minimal loss is possible with a decoy wallet.

[ August 19 2014 ]         DATA, GEAR, HACKS, SURVIVAL

Situational Awareness as a Traveler

Zhongshan Meishu Park in Taipei, Taiwan /// VinjatekTravelers in foreign lands can enhance their efficiency, mobility and safety just by expanding and heightening their existing awareness levels.

[ August 01 2014 ]         DATA, GUIDES, PHILOSOPHY, SURVIVAL