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The Art of Ending Your Worrying

Cambodia Sleeper Bus /// VinjatekThe act of worrying is one of the most useless and tormenting things you can do to yourself, but there is an art to ending the worry with logic.

[ February 17 2019 ]         DATA, LIFE TACTICS, LIFESTYLE, THE ART

[R]   I’m a U.S. Government Contractor and I’m Not Getting Paid Because of The Shutdown

View from Vinpearl Hotel in Ha Tinh, Vietnam /// VinjatekI’ve shed blood and tears for my country, pay my taxes, vote and would fight for her again. But currently as just a contractor I deserve what I earned.

[ February 14 2019 ]         DATA, LIFESTYLE, MONEY, RESTRICTED

Quote: “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by…

Abraham Lincoln Monument /// VinjatekThis is a series of posts of curated quotes to inspire a more strategic, enlightened and focused way of being – professionally and for life.

[ February 12 2019 ]         DATA, LIFESTYLE, PHILOSOPHY

Bún Chả Hương Liên: The Restaurant Obama and Anthony Bourdain Feasted

Bún Chả Hương Liên: The Restaurant Obama and Anthony Bourdain Ate at in Hanoi, Vietnam /// VinjatekNow aka “Bun Cha Obama”, this local Hanoi restaurant was where Anthony Bourdain and President Obama famously ate and drank at for just $6.

[ January 30 2019 ]         DATA, DESTINATIONS, LIFESTYLE

6 Tactics to Not be a “Cyber Mark”

6 Tactics to Not be a “Cyber Mark” /// VinjatekYour digital presence and activity makes you vulnerable to various attacks online and off. These tactics can can prevent you from falling prey.

[ January 29 2019 ]         DATA, DIGITAL NOMAD, LIFESTYLE, SURVIVAL

In The Face of Active Conflict or Chaos, Be Smart Now and Emotional Later

Motorbiking Vietnam in Ninh Binh /// VinjatekEmotions define our humanity. But it also gets in our way when we need to be operative, thus we must sometimes defer our humanity and be analytic.


I Was in a Motorcycle Accident…

Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Vietnam /// Vinjatek[Graphic Content] As I’ve posted on Instagram, I was just in a motorcycle accident while touring the stretch of Vietnam. ***This is an ongoing post.

[ January 11 2019 ]         DATA, LIFESTYLE

Don’t Let Time Get Away From You

Exploring the Sand Dunes of Mui Ne in Vietnam at Sunrise /// VinjatekTime is the driving force of every aspect of our lives. Our ideas, decisions and future depend on it. We are its bitch, but we can’t let it get away from us.

[ January 04 2019 ]         DATA, LIFESTYLE

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