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The Romantic Life of a Nomadic Life

On Top of Juifen Mountain in Taiwan // VinjatekThe world is full of the beautiful, enchanting, exotic, intriguing and provocative. I am of course talking about the opposite sex and there’s a lot of them.


How I Pay For my Vagabonding Lifestyle

On The Peak of Busan Mountain in Korea // VinjatekA life of endless world travel is still a way of living, requiring sufficient means to support it like any other lifestyle. This is how I do it.

[ September 26 2014 ]         DATA, DIGITAL NOMAD, LIFESTYLE, MONEY

The Food Experience of World Travel

Lunch on my Beach Bungalow in Paradise on Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia /// VinjatekFood is more than sustenance. It’s a form of art, a part of culture, a way to pleasure and it brings people together – amplified by vagabonding.

[ September 06 2014 ]         DATA, LIFESTYLE, PHILOSOPHY

6 Ways to Maintain a Nomad Life

URBEX: Canals of Bangkok, Thailand /// VinjatekA constantly mobile lifestyle is exciting and full of adventure but requires special ways to maintain it as suppose to a stationary one.

[ August 22 2014 ]         DATA, DIGITAL NOMAD, LIFESTYLE, LIST, MONEY

Living Out of a Backpack as a Vagabond

Living Out of a Backpack as a Vagabond /// VinjatekFor all intents and purposes, I’ve been effectively living out of a backpack around the world as a vagabond since 2012 will continue indefinitely.

[ August 08 2014 ]         DATA, LIFESTYLE, MINIMALISM

6 Skills to Live and Travel Tactically

The Wilderness Survival Trifecta 4 Rule /// VinjatekUtilizing certain tactical skills in everyday life and in a life of travel can give you a focused edge to be sharper, safer and more effective…


Digital Nomad: A Vagabond’s Definition

Taipei 101 Tower in Taiwan /// VinjatekDigital nomads travel the world perpetually not as a holiday but as a lifestyle, afforded by an active location independent profession.

[ July 21 2014 ]         DATA, DIGITAL NOMAD, LIFESTYLE

Most People Live Once, Nomads Live Many Lives

Somewhere in The Mountains of Laos // Vinjatek“You only live once…” is an inspirational saying and while still powerful, it’s not entirely accurate to nomads as we tend to live many lives.

[ July 13 2014 ]         DATA, LIFESTYLE, PHILOSOPHY

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