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The Decoy Wallet Concept

Decoy Wallet / Mugger's Wallet /// VinjatekEvasion is always better than defense in a mugging scenario but a peaceful escape in an engagement with minimal loss is possible with a decoy wallet.

[ August 19 2014 ]         DATA, GEAR, HACKS, SURVIVAL

Vigilant Gear Micro SERE Kit

 Vigilant Gear Micro SERE Kit /// VINJABONDIntroducing the highly portable and versatile urban kit for Survival + Evasion + Resistance + Escape by Vigilant Gear Micro SERE Kit.

Wilderness survival kits are common and widely equipped but urban equivalents are rarely configured for active everyday carry (EDC). This is despite the average person being in such environments for significantly longer periods of time.

Vigilant Gear has assembled the most impressive portable SERE / urban survival kit currently available in a prepackaged form. All 16 pieces have been meticulously selected for function, quality and form.

Micro SERE Kit Contents :

Micro SERE Kit Storage Case

Storage Case //
   Low profile and compact transparent plastic case measuring 2.3″ x 1.8″ x 0.5″. Perfectly stores all the contents of the SERE kit. Transportable within any bag or even clothing pockets.

Mini Survival Mirror with IR panel - SERE Kit

Signal Mirror + IR Panel //
   A dual purpose miniature card tool with a survival mirror reflector on one side and an infrared (IR) visual panel on the other. Both sides are protective coated to be removed before use.

Bogota Titan Nano Entry Toolset - SERE Kit

Ti Bogota Entry Toolset //
   The smallest version of the universal lock pick set for pin and tumbler locks. Made from aircraft grade titanium – nonmagnetic and noncorrosive. *Optional for the Micro SERE kit.

 TIHK: Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key  - SERE KIT

TIHK (x2) //
   A set of 2 ‘Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Keys’. Polymer (nonmetallic) covert universal handcuff keys. Opens most standardized handcuffs. Read the full TIHK review here.

Ferrocerium Rod - SERE Kit

Fire Steel //
   A single piece of raw ferrocerium rod without a handle. AKA flint rod, fire striker, fire rod, spark stick, match stick and match rod. Although small in size, it’s good for many uses.

Lock Bypass + Shim Set - SERE Kit

Lock Bypass + Shim Set //
   An EZ Decoder and Quick Stick tools for bypassing many types of padlocks and stationary locks. Also a spring steel split-pawl shim for unlocking single-locked handcuffs.

6ft Length of Stainless Steel, Nylon Coated Leader Wire - SERE Kit

Leader Wire //
   A thin but durable nylon coated leader wire. 6 feet in length and made with a stainless steel core. Used for urban survival and utility purposes.

Tinder Quick Firestarting Tab - SERE Kit

Tinder Quik Fire Tabs //
   A specially treated cotton bundle designed for efficient and slow burning. Safe for storage. Can be used with the ferrocerium rod (see above).

Ceramic Razor Blade - SERE Kit

Ceramic Razor //
   A completely nonmetallic razor blade made of black zirconia ceramic. Measures 25 x 8mm. Extremely wear resistant and corrosion proof.

Micro Escape Tool - SERE Kit

Micro Escape Tool //
   A tiny stainless steel multi-tool for SERE scenarios; saw for cutting nonmetallic handcuffs, rope and duct tape or use as a handcuff shim.

Kevlar Cordage - SERE Kit

Kevlar Cordage //
   6 feet of genuine Kevlar 3 stranded cordage. Thin but powerful. Withstands 188lbs of weight, resistant to extreme heat and corrosive chemicals.

Luminous Button Compass - SERE Kit

Compass //
   A very small but reliable 14mm button compass. Grade AA liquid filled construction. Highly luminous dial can glow for hours.

- Vigilant Gear Micro SERE Urban Survival Kit - VINJABOND

– Vigilant Gear Micro SERE Urban Survival Kit –

I usually build my own urban / wilderness / special / travel survival kit from the ground up but the Micro SERE Kit is so well designed that it has earned a spot in my minimal vagabonding packing list.

The Micro SERE Kit is available exclusively from Vigilant Gear as a whole set or individually (most) per item.

Vigilant Gear Micro SERE Kit /// $50+


[View the featured photo of the Vigilant Gear Micro SERE Kit.]

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[ April 21 2014 ]         DATA, EDC, GEAR, HACKS, SURVIVAL

Passport ID Page as Your Smartphone Wallpaper

Smartphones have the potential of making the vagabonding + travel lifestyle more mobile and efficient by temporarily or completely replacing a variety of gear, including passports.

[ April 14 2014 ]         DATA, HACKS, TIPS

EDC is Everyday Carry

Covert Operator Travel EDC + SERE Gear Kit - VINJABONDEDC is everyday carry, the philosophy of equipping highly personalized sets of gear. To manage lifestyle, professional and potentially demanding situations on a daily basis.

[ April 07 2014 ]         DATA, EDC, GEAR, HACKS

How to Adapt + Blend in While Traveling Abroad

Canal Street in Amsterdam, Netherlands - VINJABONDPersistent travel means consistently new environments and foreign cultures – the ability to adapt and blend in are vital factors of being an effective vagabond.

[ March 18 2014 ]         DATA, HACKS, TIPS, TRAVEL

Conceal + Secure Access to Money as a Nomad

Travel Document and Finance EDC - VINJABONDTraveler or not, keeping your money safe should be a passively habitual practice. When traveling abroad, protecting your money is a more active process…

[ March 11 2014 ]         DATA, GUIDES, HACKS, MONEY

TIHK: Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key

Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key / TIHK - Vagabonding VinjabondThe TIHK is the latest in nonmetallic covert handcuff keys. Designed to be an invisible tool to escape illegal detainment –

[ January 24 2014 ]         DATA, EDC, GEAR, HACKS, SURVIVAL

Ti2 Sentinel Cache Necklace : Vagabond Kit

As a vagabond and minimalist, I carry very little with me as I travel the world. Among my limited active possessions, the gear around my neck is one of the most important to me.

[ December 13 2013 ]         DATA, HACKS

The One Method to Great Travel Photos

Capturing visually tangible memories of your travels is almost as important as the actual experience of being there and living it.

[ November 05 2013 ]         DATA, HACKS, PHOTOGRAPHY, TIPS

6 Ways to Kill Time at Airports

Lounging at The Airport Terminal - VINJABONDAirports are second homes to vagabonds and world travelers but just like home, there can be downtime with too much time to deal with…

[ October 23 2013 ]         DATA, HACKS, LIST, TRAVEL