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How to Stay in a Foreign Country Indefinitely Without Special Visas

Jungle Hut at Kong Skull Island in Nina Binh, Vietnam /// VinjatekWhen you enter a foreign country, you’re given a limited time to be there before you must leave. This is how to stay for as long as you want.


Gear Tactics: O-Ring Optimization and Maintenance Hack

Gear Tactics: O-Ring Optimization and Maintenance Hack /// VinjatekGear Tactics is a series of posts about specific tips, hacks, modification guides and best practices of nomadic operative gear and apparel.

[ March 21 2019 ]         DATA, GEAR, HACKS

[R]   Improvised Hotel Room Theft Prevention Security Measures

Hotel at The Thailand / Cambodia Border /// VinjatekRegardless of hotel stars or Airbnb ratings, you’re vulnerable to in-room theft while you’re out. These are on the fly tactics for prevention and deterrence.


Passport ID as Your Phone Wallpaper

Passport ID as Your Phone Wallpaper /// VinjatekAs a foreigner abroad, always having your passport on your person is ideal but inconvenient. Instead use this alternative for certain situations.

[ March 10 2019 ]         DATA, DIGITAL NOMAD, GEAR, HACKS

Why I Carry a Fake Rolex While Wearing a Real One

Fake Rolex Submariner vs Real Rolex Submariner /// VinjatekSome Rolex owners wear a high quality knock-off of their watch and keep the real one sitting at home, for safety – logical yet dumb. I don’t do that, I do this…

[ March 03 2019 ]         DATA, GEAR, HACKS, MONEY

[R]   Block Traffic Disruption Control

URBEX Underpass in Bangkok, Thailand /// VinjatekAn on-site, physical (analog) hack of modern transport infrastructures to manipulate the traffic patterns to a halt of an entire city block.

[ February 11 2019 ]         DATA, HACKS, RESTRICTED, TRADECRAFT

How to Live Out of a Backpack: Pack Your Clothes Inside Out

Survival Go-Bag /// VinjatekThis is a series of posts about ‘how to live out of a backpack’ as a nomad, minimalist, operative, expat, traveler or for everyday life as a lifestyle.

[ February 11 2019 ]         CLOTHING, DATA, GEAR, HACKS

The Only Way I Use Airbnb, Nowadays…

Airbnb Bungalow at Gili Air Island in Indonesia /// VinjatekI used to use Airbnb all the time, when they were great. But they’ve changed a lot, so as of late, I only book their services for this one strategic purpose…

[ January 28 2019 ]         ACCOMMODATIONS, DATA, HACKS

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