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Vagabond Survival Prepping Method

The Effect of Equipping a Tactical Backpack Around The World: Penang Jungle in Malaysia /// VinjatekI pack ultralight living out of a backpack as a vagabond traveling the world but I’m also actively survival prepping and this is how…

[ October 03 2015 ]         DATA, GUIDES, SURVIVAL

The Visa Run

Visa Run From Thailand to Laos via The Mekong River /// VinjatekA “visa run” is a loophole travel hack allowing a foreigner to stay in certain countries well beyond the “legal” limit or even indefinitely, legally.

[ March 24 2015 ]         DATA, GUIDES, HACKS, TRAVEL

The Hostel Life

Hostel Backpackers at a Pool Party in Luang Prabang, Laos /// VinjatekHostels are often such a significant part of travelers’ lives that it develops into its own independent lifestyle… The Hostel Life.

[ March 19 2015 ]         DATA, GUIDES, LIFESTYLE, LODGING

How to Plan and Prepare to Travel The World For a Year in a Year

How to Plan and Prepare to Travel The World For a Year in a Year /// Vinjatek With a full year of strategic planning and dedicated preparation, almost anyone can realistically travel around the world for a year.

[ March 15 2015 ]         DATA, GUIDES, LIFESTYLE, TRAVEL

How to Take Good Selfies [+]

Bukhansan Mountain, Korea /// Vinjatek The most underrated and criticized form of photography gets its bad rep because most people don’t know how to take good selfies.

[ March 08 2015 ]         DATA, GUIDES, PHOTOGRAPHY, TIPS

Urban Survivalist: Introduction

Flatiron District, New York City /// VinjatekThis is the first in a series of posts about urban survival. Guides, skills, tips and gear for travel, crises and everyday life. – view all survivalist posts

[ February 26 2015 ]         DATA, GUIDES, SURVIVAL

How to Live an Interesting Life

The Floating Village of Siem Reap, Cambodia /// VinjatekForgive me for boasting but I’m here to tell you how to live an interesting life. This base concept of living is simple and anyone can live it.

[ January 01 2015 ]         ADVENTURE, DATA, GUIDES, LIFESTYLE

How to Hide From Drones: Part 1

How to Hide From UAV Drones in Taipei, Taiwan /// VinjatekThis is an introduction on how to hide from drones (UAV) operated by non-military government agencies and private civilians.

[ December 02 2014 ]         DATA, GUIDES, SURVIVAL, TIPS

When The Shit Hits The Fan (SHTF) While Traveling

Changing of the Guard at National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine in Taipei, Taiwan /// VinjatekSurvivalist, prepper, trained specialist or not, experiencing a catastrophic, doomsday or SHTF event while traveling abroad changes things.

[ November 10 2014 ]         DATA, GUIDES, SURVIVAL

The First Hour After Landing in a Foreign Country

John V Cain on a Flight /// VinjatekGetting off a domestic flight of your own country is elementary but it can get complex or even intimidating when abroad and it starts at the airport.

[ October 24 2014 ]         DATA, GUIDES, TIPS, TRAVEL