The Most Dangerous Criminal Type That Target Outsiders

A Favela of Brazil /// VInjatekIt’s the type you can’t report, fight back or see coming. It’s not a beautiful woman with devious motives or even a corrupt cop. It’s something worse…

[ May 12 2018 ]         CONFIDENTIAL, DATA, SURVIVAL

Combat Awareness: Imminent Action Positioning Tells

Urban Survival in Taipei, Taiwan /// VinjatekIAPT is a part of a close quarters combat recognition strategy for adaptive responses for the purpose of counter maneuvering.

[ April 30 2018 ]         CONFIDENTIAL, DATA, SURVIVAL

I am Not an Assassin in Istanbul…

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey /// VinjatekSpies, covert operatives and professional assassins don’t look like anyone because they look like everyone and that’s the point, to have no “look”.


Go-Bags Scavenger Hunt Intel: Placement Methods

Vinjatek Go-Bag in Guangzhou, China ///As per the worldwide DIY giveaway for my go-bags, this is a part of a series providing intel for Pro Members in aiding to their procurement.

[ March 28 2018 ]         CONFIDENTIAL, DATA, GEAR

The Validating Access Phrase

Křivoklát Castle, Czech Republic /// VinjatekA short but powerful phrase that’s said verbally to a person(s) to obtain access to a certain space or to validate oneself in a particular situation.

[ March 16 2018 ]         CONFIDENTIAL, DATA, HACKS

Active SERE Kit Method: Static

Active SERE Kit: Static /// VinjatekAn active SERE kit differs from any other survival or task kit in that it must be concealed on your person ready for deployment, not unloading.

[ February 25 2018 ]         CONFIDENTIAL, DATA, GEAR, HACKS, SURVIVAL

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