‘Solo Travel’: The Anti-Solitary Method of Travel

Solo travel is a way to not be alone.

Vagabonding, backpacking and simply traveling the world is a journey best taken alone. Ironically, going this route is the key to effectively creating meaningful connections with people and making lifelong friendships from all around the world.

[ November 22 2013 ]         ADVENTURE, DATA, TRAVEL

Vagabonding: The Art of Spontaneity

Speedboat Ferry to The Gili Islands in Indonesia - VINJABONDVagabonding is a lifestyle of spontaneity.

[ November 14 2013 ]         ADVENTURE, DATA, THE ART

Vagabonding: The Art of Living Many Lives

The Face of a Vagabond - John Vain VInjabondVagabonding is a perpetually changing lifestyle.

[ October 26 2013 ]         ADVENTURE, DATA, LIFESTYLE, THE ART

Truly Experience The World With All 5 Senses + 1

Laser Room at Luxy Nightclub in Taipei - VINJABONDMerely seeing the world is not enough, you must experience it using all 5 + 1 of your senses.

[ September 25 2013 ]         ADVENTURE, DATA, GUIDES, PHILOSOPHY

Explore The 3 Parts of World Travel

Angkor Wat Temple in SIem Reap, Cambodia - VINJABONDExploring the world with our eyes for sightseeing is not enough. You must use all 5 senses to get the most out of the 3 experiences.

[ July 02 2013 ]         ADVENTURE, DATA, GUIDES, TRAVEL