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I’ve got less than 15,000 days before I die to explore the 197,000,000 square miles of Earth and try its infinite experiences.

-John Cain

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The more I travel this world, the smaller it gets but no matter what I do, the available experiences in it only seem to grow. Perhaps because the more countries and cultures I see, I better realize how much more the world has to offer in relation to its cosmically diminutive size.

As cliche as it may sound, I prefer quality and depth over quantity and speed. Meaning I prefer to travel slowly but thoroughly to get the most out of country than to technically step foot on as many countries as fast as possible just to be able to claim that I was there.

Don’t get me wrong, visiting every one of the 195 sovereign states in this world is an accomplishment, albeit only in terms of logistics and navigation. Anyone with money can take transportation and obtain visas.

Vagabonding Destinations Map // USA /// Vinjabond

So before I die, I don’t just want to visit every country, I want to explore the land and the people in them. Because only arriving at an airport doesn’t mean you actually visited the country nor long layovers.

In terms of vagabonding and separate from my previous profession, I’ve visited just 50 countries since August of 2012. As a lifestyle traveler and digital nomad, this is just the right pace for me as I’ll have an indefinite amount of time to visit the rest of the 145 countries.

Technology is high, transportation is cheap, the world is small and our lives are short… I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t see as much of it as possible before I die.

Before I Die…
Visit every country in the world.

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Specialist Zero

This reminds of Gunnar Garfors, he’s famous for visiting every country in the world in just a few years. But I think he rushed it, almost like to get it over with just to get the numbers.

Robert SythRZ

Oh yeah that guy, a lot of traveling but not of exploring, kinda pointless.

Gecko Gore

Yeah, its not a race. Some travelers travel just so they can say they’ve been somewhere.

Lori Zabel

On my travel bucket list to. I’m at 19 countries and counting 🙂 slowly………

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