Vagabonding Assets

Vagabonding Resources

I’ve been traveling the world non-stop as a lifestyle since 2012 and these are the exact resources and services I use today to further my travel, vagabonding and digital nomad lifestyle. These assets are only on this list if I’m actively using them.

Nord VPN /// Vagabonding AssetsNordVPN

A necessary “packing item” for the digital age. Keeps your browsing safe from hackers and lets you freely surf the whole web unblocked regardless of what part of the world you’re in – and with anonymity. Works on all devices.

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Kiwi /// Vagabonding AssetsKiwi

A relative newcomer to online flight booking but I’ve consistently found the cheapest flights and they have great service and features. My go-to site was Skyscanner (they’re still pretty good) but Kiwi has proven to be superior for pricing, searching, researching and site functionality.

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Hostelworld /// Vagabonding AssetsHostelworld

The de facto hostel and guesthouse booking site. No one does it better and no one is bigger. But they’re reliable, very user friendly and I’ve never had a problem with them after dozens of bookings. These is THE booking site for hostels.

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Airbnb /// Vagabonding AssetsAirbnb

The best alternative for when you don’t want a hotel or a hostel but something homely – to live like a local. Claim this $40 voucher for your first booking. I usually use them if I want an extended stay but not long enough for an actual apartment lease or for a romantic getaway.

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Agoda /// Vagabonding AssetsAgoda

I always start and often end my hotel search here. They seem to have the best prices and REAL deals and promos going on all the time. The website is also extremely well designed for usability and great customer service. is my second choice.

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