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I’ll be traveling the world for a year and am wondering what camera is best.

-Frank G.
Long Island, United States


I rely completely on my iPhone 5 equipped with a Hitcase Pro for all my travel photography.

This kit keeps it light and simple but takes great photos in any environmental condition and has the ability to take lots of physical abuse. Also, it’s a hell of a lot easier to carry and deploy than a full size camera.

No extra gear or weight to worry about.

Unless you’re a professional photographer, a decent smartphone is the best travel camera for these modern times. Besides, this is something you’ll (most likely) be carrying in your travels anyway.

Adding a waterproof case while not necessary, can be a life saver for the more adventurous traveler or one with a wide angle lens for the more creative.

Not convinced a smartphone could be effective as a primary travel camera? Check out my photo gallery from around the world, all taken with an iPhone.

What’s the best camera for travel?

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