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I know you’re a solo traveler but from following your blog, I’ve noticed from your stories and photos the many people you seem to meet and even travel with. So I’m wondering how you meet all these other foreigners when you’re abroad?

-Travis T.
San Diego, United States


I am indeed a solo traveler but frequently go on journeys with a partner or group along the way if we click. Now these people are almost always strangers… Strangers in the sense that I just met them but share a strong common interest (travel and adventure) that tends to bond us together remarkably fast with ease.

The community of world travelers, backpackers and vagabonds have an almost magnetic attraction to each other. It’s the most natural thing for us to mix. For many of us, meeting other travelers while traveling is just as important as the travel itself. This makes meeting other travelers while abroad a near effortless task.

I’ve met some of the most amazing people just by staying at hostels. This is the most effective way to meet other travelers. People just like you, doing exactly what you’re doing. The social factor of a good hostel can be intoxicating and may even be overwhelming to a newbie. But if you say “hello” and just be part of what’s going on, you’ll have trouble not meeting good people. In fact, some of my best friends are people I met at hostels. Read about the ‘hostel lifestyle‘.

Backpacker Pool Party in Luang Prabang, Laos // VINJABOND

Backpacker Pool Party in Luang Prabang, Laos //

If hostels aren’t your thing, another effective but less natural way to meet other travelers is attending official Couchsurfing meets that are fairly common in most major cities around the world.

The longer and further you travel, the better you’ll get at recognizing foreigners, specifically tourists and backpackers. There’s a difference between “tourists” and “travelers”. Generally, tourists are not open to random socializing whereas travelers / backpackers thrive on it if it’s with others like them.

My point is, meeting other travelers on the street, on a tour, or anywhere is common and almost always welcoming. If you see an interesting traveler, say “hello”, converse for a bit and you may become friends.

How do You Meet Foreigners Traveling Abroad?

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