///   6 Skills You’ll Master While Vagabonding

The lifestyle of a vagabond revolves around the idea of traveling to a new and foreign environment whenever we get acclimated to the current. Meaning constant change and a need to adapt utilizing a certain set of skills.

6 Skills You’ll Master as a Vagabond :



Indefinitely living out of a backpack gives vagabonds a unique advantage to master the art of a minimalist lifestyle. It goes beyond the minimal gear we carry, however. It extends also to skilled frugality and extreme mobility. Essentially, we learn to live a more fulfilling life with less.

PHOTO : Taken the day I left to start vagabonding at my minimalist Miami condo, before I even knew there was a word for such a lifestyle; minimalism.



Haggling, bartering or simply talking your way to get something you want or out of difficult situations with all sorts of people from all over the world often with language barriers makes a vagabond highly skilled at negotiating. Learn the vagabond method of haggling while traveling abroad here.

PHOTO : Taken in Bangkok while I was negotiating a bribe to a cop to reduce the a false littering charge.



The most obvious skill a vagabond will use and master throughout the journey. The constant use of traditional / metro / airport / tourist / hand drawn maps in unknown languages, following directions to a mystery location in a foreign land and using the #transportation system in a new country; all ways we hone the way we navigate.

PHOTO : Taken while crossing the bridge from Ceningan Island to Lembongan Island in Indonesia on a motorbike.

Vagabonding Skill : Communication


Its not just about the spoken word. While traveling the world, you learn to communicate effectively through other means like hand signals, body language and nods. Even if both parties don’t speak the other’s language, vagabonds have no problem getting through. Beyond that, our social abilities increase with varied interactions with other foreign travelers from around the world.

PHOTO : Taken in Tokyo with 4 Japanese girls that I met in Korea but despite the language barrier, we became close and met again in Tokyo.



I carry only an iPhone 5 as my camera but I take damn good travel photos, if I don’t say so myself. It took me a while but after seeing so many beautiful things while traveling, the photos piled up as my skill increased. But I’m no professional, my thing is to get photos of myself and people I know with an incredible background.

PHOTO : Taken at the Floating Village outside of Siem Reap in Cambodia while on a rowboat.



The nature of travel is romantic and the idea of a traveler is sexy. Mixed with other travelers and locals, the chance of hooking up occurs quite frequently. Practice makes perfect. Even if your vagabonding with your significant other, the lifestyle is inherently romantic that opens up doors for many more special occasions.

PHOTO : Taken outside of the O.D. nightclub with a date in #Taipei, #Taiwan.

The life lessons and skills vagabonding teaches is limitless from the seemingly trivial ones we hone by using it everyday without thinking about to the paramount ones that we rarely use but master.

All part of the vagabonding craft.

[The featured photo was taken at The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin.]

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Great list! I’ve mastered a few of these myself while dabbling in a bit of vagabonding. I especially like the last one.

Queena Lai



Awesome write up as usual, on an unrelated note, where was that photo taken?