///   6 Skills to Live and Travel Tactically

Survival in The Amazon Jungle of Peru // VagabondingUtilizing certain tactical skills in everyday life and in a life of travel can give you an edge to be sharper, safer and more effective.

I’ve developed these skills over the years as part of my trade and they continue to improve my vagabonding lifestyle both passively and actively.

Just because you’re not in an active battlefield doesn’t mean you can’t approach everything else with a bit of tactical.

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*6 Skills to Live and Travel Tactically :

Bridge From Ceningan Island to Lembongan Island on a Motorbike // Vagabonding - VINJABOND

Natural Navigating //

I’m rarely without a physical compass or an unlocked iPhone with off/online maps accessible but these things can fail or be lost. As a constant traveler and adventurer, the ability to navigate by using my natural settings; sun, stars, moon, etc. can be an indispensable skill. I love tech and gear but it’s nice to use solely your senses.

Less equipped people have been navigating this way for thousands of years, so should you.

PRO TIP : Natural navigation has a very high learning curve but combining it with technology and tools works great for the novice.

Airplane Window Selfie - VINJABOND

Lock Picking //

This is a highly useful and misunderstood skill rarely used by criminals, despite popular belief. I see it as a puzzle game with tactical purposing.


I personally use ‘bogota lock picks‘ which you can legally carry in most countries and is part of my SERE / urban survival kits.

PRO TIP : Obviously, never attempt to pick a lock that is not your own or without expressed permission from the owner.

Lunch on a Mountain in Bali, Indonesia // VINJABOND

Haggling //

This is a skill that I remaster every time I travel to a new country, refining my tongue through different languages and cultures – it’s become an art. Getting the best possible price for things is never a bad thing but it’s also about not being taken advantage of.

The skill of haggling goes beyond commerce, it can be adapted for strategic information gathering or simply to get what you want in a friendly manner.

PRO TIP : Haggling isn’t about what you say but how and when you say it. Some people are naturals while others never grasp it, either way it takes practice.

Looking down from the Taipei 101 Tower // Vagabonding

Restraint Escaping //

Just like lock picking, knowing how to escape from handcuffs / rope / ducttape / zipties is not a “bad” thing. It’s all on why you use it. The purpose of this skill is not to escape from legal police custody but to escape from illegal detainment such as kidnappings and unlawful arrests.

Most people think this will never happen to them and it probably won’t but the chances are very real and this skill can save your freedom or even your life.

PRO TIP : At a minimum, I recommend adding a TIHK on your person or a full escape + evasion kit. Check local and international laws before equipping.

Hunting and Eating Cobra Snakes in Cambodia - VINJABOND

Chance Weapon Improvising //

Whenever legal, I’m equipped with a knife for self defense but prefer to use a much less lethal tool if the need arises. Such as any object in it’s natural setting around me; chair, book, cup, stick, lamp, etc.



But remember, it’s always best to avoid an altercation whenever possible, especially as a foreigner traveling abroad.

PRO TIP : Defending yourself against a real threat with a real weapon could still put you at fault which is why mastering this skill could keep you safe and out of jail.

PHOTO: POV Riding a Tuk-Tuk in Chiang Mai

Passive Exit Strategizing //

Most people naturally and subconsciously remember the way they entered a room or building, but lacks specificity and possible alternate routes. Consciously but passively taking mental notes of the “lay of the land” whenever in a new vicinity or confined space can get you around or out with efficiency – particularly useful during emergency situations.

An exit strategy could be as big as knowing how to properly do a border crossing to another country at a moment’s notice or where all the exits are located in any building.

PRO TIP : Again, this is a passive strategy. Don’t put too much into it, just mind your surroundings and practice remembering little details. It can be fun and it will eventually become second nature.

These are just some of the skills that can make your everyday life and travel a bit tactical.

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[The featured photo was taken while on a tactical exercise in the Amazon Jungle of Peru. Shot with a Hitcase Pro.]

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Duuuude, you have the most original posts. I really like how you view travel. We need to catch some beers!


Duuuude, you have the most original posts. I really like how you view travel. We need to catch some beers!


Are you taking any apprentices? Because I’m in.

Jones Ing 4 Mo

I met a girl Emma while backpacking in Thailand that said she traveled with you for a while. She said that you were like the most laid back guy, I wouldn’t have thought that after reading how tactical you are. But we should chill sometime if we cross paths!


Now this is a travel blog! Such unique topics bro. Now to learn these trades…